Handy Tools for Web Design

When making a website, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. This is a short blog that should help you get more out of your website

Optimise Images

Optimising the images on your website is a great way to speed up your websites loading times. There are tools like kraken.io which can safely and quickly optimise and compress your images without losing any image quality.


Typography is an important factor within your website. Make sure the typography fits the theme of your website. It also must be a fair size so that the content is accessible to all end users. Fontpair.co is a useful website that pairs various fonts with themes of websites so you can get a feel for how your desired font might look.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is another extremely important thing to consider when designing your website. Once again, it must fit the theme of your content, and it also should not be too hard on the viewers’ eyes. Coolors.co is a virtual colour palette generator that you use by pressing the space bar to load different colour combinations, whilst each colour features the name and hex code.

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